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Welcome To Find SnapChat Friends Forums

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Welcome To Find SnapChat Friends Forums

The board has been reset and cleared because of the sheer amount of spam/idiots that ruined it for everyone else. We want to apologise to all members that abided by the rules. as you can see this has affected everyone and all accounts/information has been terminated.

As you can imagine resetting the board was a last resort and a last minute decision made by myself and lilia. We plan to relaunch snapchatforum to be user friendly for everyone including youngsters, so from now on we will not accept any nudity, explicit text or spam links.

The reset will allow us to monitor the forum more closely. We will be adding new moderators & admins that will clear any members not accepting the new rules and criteria snapchatforum has set.

The forum will be open for everyone so keep it CLEAN! all explicit advertising has been removed to accommodate the new changes, please respect this decision as we have had no choice.

The new forum rules will be floating around the forum please make sure you find the time to read tham and accept them before you make a thread/post here on snapchatforum because if the rules are broken there will be no second chances and ip's/accounts will be removed.

You will need to make a new account on snapchatforum to be a member as all past registered members have been dropped with all past threads/posts. We apologise for the inconvenience, But as you will see it will make the forum a better place without all the junk we was cluttered with.

New system in place

If you are looking over the forum and see anything that breaks or borderlines the rules "report" it. We will be monitoring the reports and taking swift action. All reports that are made are forwarded to admins email + phone so notifications are made to ensure we can act on them promptly.

Once again we apologise we had to take this action

Admin, Chris

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